Entrepreneurship Investment Funding


Vorschussbetrug, 419 Nigerian Scam

Von: LKH Investment Group – lks.Foundation@consultant.com
Betreff: Entrepreneurship Investment Funding

Dear Entrepreneur,

The LKH Investment Group is a venture capital firm specializing in growth
capital investments.It seeks to invest in public and private securities
in a broad range of areas including real estate, energy, oil and gas,
emerging markets and high-technology. Within the technology sector, the
firm focuses on communications, software and digital content and services.

We wish to invest between $5Million-$100Million in any viable projects
that your company requires funding on an equity investment capacity,On
review of your company’s Business Plan we shall determine on the projects
possible funding.This will be a silent and Private Placement Investments.

Endeavor to respond promptly if the investment proposal meets your
company’s Approval.

Kind Regards,

Mr.Lee Kun Lee
LHK Investment Group
481-10 Gasan-Dong
Tel: +82 707 893 1072
Fax: +82 707 847 6445
Email: lkh.investment@w.cn

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