HEAR MY CRY (FOR GOD SAKE) – Nigerian Scam / Vorschussbetrug


Von: ALICE KIPKALYA – alicekipkaly33@gmail.com


Good day , I know you will be surprise to receive this email,
Before I go further I will like you to understand that, I am writing
this mail to you With due respect trust and humanity, I have decided to
contact you after much thought considering the fact that we have not
meet before, but because of the circumstance oblige me, I decided to
contact you due to the urgency of my present situation here in the
refugee camp, honestly i am writing this email to you with pains, tears
and sorrow from my heart, I am Miss Alice Kipkalya Kones, 25yrs old
female and I from Kenya here in Africa; my father was the former Kenyan
road Minister. He and Assistant Minister of Home
Affairs Lorna Laboso had been on board the Cessna 210, which was headed
to Kericho and crashed in a remote area called Kajong’a, in western
Kenya. The plane crashed on Tuesday 10th, June, 2008.

After the
death of my beloved father my wicked step mother along with my uncles
team together and sold everything that my late father had and share the
money within themselves. Unfortunately to me I fined my father’s
briefcase and when I opened it I found a document, which my late father
use to deposit the sum of Nine Million Four Hundred Thousand United
State Dollars ($9.400.000.00) in International Micro De Finance Bank,
here in Burkina Faso West Africa with my name as next of skin, right now
I am in Ouagadougou Capital of Burkina Faso to withdraw the money so
that i can start a better life and also further my education.

on my arrival to the Bank, the Bank foreign Operation Department
Director whom I meet in person told me that my father
instruction to their bank is that the fund would only be release to me
when I am married or present a trustee/partner who will help me and
invest the fund overseas after the transfer, and the bank ask me to go
and look for a foreign partner, that was why I decided to contact you,
which I believe that you are going to be honest and reliable person that
will help me and stand as my trustee/partner, so that I can present you
to the Bank for the release and transfer of the inheritance fund into
your bank account in your country, and It is my intention to compensate
you with 40% of the total fund for your services and help and the
balance shall be my capital in your establishment. As soon as I receive
your positive response showing your interest i will put things into
action, in the light of the above, I shall appreciate an urgent message
indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction,
awaiting your urgent and positive response,
Please do keep this only to your self, i beg you not to disclose it to
any body till i come over because am afraid of my wicked stepmother, i
will send you my picture in my next email, with due respect, i am
pleading that you help me, i am giving all this detailed information
with every transparency believing that you will have a clear picture of
the base of help i need from you.

I hope to hear good news from you soon,

Best regard,
Yours Sincerelya

Alice Kipkalya Kones.

Ist ja schon gut, ich habe Dich auch schon beim ersten Weinen gehört. Wäre also gar nicht nötig gewesen diese Scam-Mail gleich 4x zu schicken. Das Jahr 2012 scheint wieder besonders lukrativ für die 419 Scammer zu sein. Kein Wunder, dass Afrika inzwischen einen so starken Touristen-Einbruch hat. 😉 Aber die Regierung scheints nicht sonderlich zu interessieren…ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt.

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