Respond for Claim Confirmation. – Scam


Betreff: Respond for Claim Confirmation.

Casino’s en gokhallen Sweepstakes.
Reference Code: CGFT/01/12-9.
Winning Numbers: 2,8,13,25,40,41.

This is a Congratulatory Message and explanation of how your email address has won you a cash prize in our recently conducted Internet Sweepstakes Program of today Saturday the 1st day of September, 2012. Your email address which we got among other email address from the World Email Server through an Email Extractor Software and entered into our Sweepstakes program with a Reference Code: CGFT/08/12-3, has won you it owner an approved cash prize of Ђ4,930,000 Only (Four Million, Nine Hundred & Thirty Thousand Euro Only). See above are your winning details with which you can apply for the release of the winning funds to you. The fund is been given to you here as a Goodwill Gesture and you don’t need to purchase anything from us or even play any of our online games before claiming the fund.

You have to send your complete full names, residential address (Not Email Address), your occupation, telephone numbers and the above Reference Code and Winning Numbers to our payment department above email address within 28 days of your receipt of this message in other for them to commence the release processes of the Sweepstakes funds to you.This message was sent from a notification alone email addresses hence we advice you only use the requested email address in writing our payment department for claims related issues.

Sincerely yours,
Management Team.
Casino’s en gokhallen.
Rijswijk, The Netherlands.
Copyright (c) 2005-2012.

This is a Promotional Sweepstakes Program and our winner’s emerges by luck and should you decide not to claim the prize funds, then kindly ignore its content and delete it from your message address because it is a copy right protected material.

Und wieder eine Betrugsmail. Aber nett, die Scammer/ Vorschussbetrüger … Sie teilen uns mit, dass wir nicht extra ihre Online-Spiele machen müssen und trotzdem den Gewinn bekommen. Wie selbstlos sie doch wieder einmal sind. Ich bin zu Tränen gerührt. snieff

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