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Your Attention:

I am a retired director in one of the Asset Management institution here in China. I am contacting you with regards to an Iraqi client (name with held) who opened an account with the bank in June 2001. The last activity on this account dates back to April 24, 2005. But on May 5, 2006, there were some unusual activities on this account which raised a red flag and serious room for suspicion. There were series of withdrawals made from the account via written instructions with checks but there were no checks issued to the account holder for the account, all withdrawals made by the account holder were designed to be made either online or by written instructions which must be backed up by a phone call to the bank 24 hours after the withdrawal to authenticate the withdrawals but that did not happen at this time. There was absolutely no phone call.

I am quite aware that you may feel somewhat uncomfortable and apprehensive about this mail and unsure as to why I contacted you. The reason I have contacted you is because the financial laws of China states that all banks are required to report and transfer bank accounts that have remained dormant for over four (4) years to the Bureau of Public Trust as unclaimed and abandoned funds. If you accept to receive this funds, we are very confident that with your cooperation, this funds can be moved to your designated accounts successfully provided you can give us guarantee that our interest will be well secured. Every document to show that you are the TRUSTEE AND CUSTODIAN to the funds will be provided to the authority. Do provide me with the following details: Your Full Names and Address, Your Age and Place of Birth, Your Private Telephone Details and Profession.

Do respond to my private email for sake of security:

Anticipating your timely response

Yours sincerely,


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